Corridor Publishing Donates Computers to the Civil Air Patrol

Aug 25, 2023 | News

Squadron commander, Maj. Joshua Shultz, of the Cobb County Composite Squadron, put out an email seeking donations of computers or laptops to support their cadets and training. Gerald Griffith, the father of one of the cadets, and owner of Corridor Publishing, got the message and decided to support his request by donating four All-In-One Computers and a Computer Monitor.  The units were checked to make sure they were fully functional and ready to be put to use.

While closing out the weekly session following the donation, the squadron leadership presented Mr. Griffith with a Certificate of Appreciation for the donation.

Since Civil Air Patrol’s formation during the earliest days of World War II, this vigilant organization of citizen airmen has been committed to service to America. Founded Dec. 1, 1941, to mobilize the nation’s civilian aviation resources for national defense service, CAP has evolved into a premier public service organization that still carries out emergency service missions when needed — in the air and on the ground.

As a Total Force partner and auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, Civil Air Patrol is there to search for and find the lost, provide comfort in times of disaster and work to keep the homeland safe. Its more than 64,000 members selflessly devote their time, energy, and expertise toward the well-being of their communities while also promoting aviation and related fields through aerospace/STEM education and helping shape future leaders through CAP’s cadet program.
Civil Air Patrol’s missions for America are many, and today’s adults and cadets perform their duties with the same vigilance as its founding members — preserving CAP’s 82-year legacy of service while maintaining its commitment to nearly 1,500 communities nationwide.